Public Charge FAQ: Public Benefits, Immigration, and Your Family

1.) WHAT IS PUBLIC CHARGE ? Public Charge is the term used by immigration officials, historically referring to people who primarily rely on government cash assistance, to support themselves. Being a “public charge” can impact a person’s eligibility for a green card or visa. 2 .) WHY IS IT IN THE NEWS? The federal government… Read more »

Know the Facts about Public Charge

The Department of Homeland Security finalized its “public charge” regulation — a racially-motivated “wealth test” that rigs the rules against immigrants and their families who are on the pathway to a green card. If the Trump Administration gets its way, countless families will be devastated. Remember: even after DHS finalizes the rule, families will have… Read more »

Statement regarding I-9 audit and rumors of raids in NW Oregon

OIR’s admins at Causa are aware of rumors that ICE is preparing to conduct raids in the Portland Metro area. As of this time, we have no verified reports that these rumors are true. We encourage our community to stand together, remain calm, and seek to verify rumors before they are spread. When seeking legal… Read more »

January 2018 DACA update/Actualización sobre DACA del Enero, 2018

A January 9, 2018 decision in federal court halted the Trump administration’s plan to cancel DACA. USCIS is again accepting applications from DACA renewal applicants. For more information: Read USCIS’ guidelines here Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions here. ————————————————————————————————————————————– Una decisión en la corte federal en Enero del 2018 detuvo los planes de la administración de… Read more »

What to do if you Encounter ICE

Over the last few weeks, rumors have spread about Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids, immigration checkpoints, and other enforcement activity suspected of happening throughout Oregon. Recent changes to our nation’s immigration policy have undoubtedly caused fear and panic within Oregon’s immigrant communities. In January, President Trump issued two Executive Orders that affect immigrants and refugees…. Read more »