5th Circuit of Appeals blocks administrative relief, next step is Supreme Court

Causa Oregon denounced a federal court’s decision on November 9 denying the implementation of President Obama’s executive actions to grant administrative relief to millions.

“While we are disappointed in the court’s ruling, we are not surprised by it since the lawsuit and this process has been heavily anti-immigrant from the outset,” said Andrea Miller, Executive Director of Causa. “This is only a setback for our families. We will continue to fight for our families all the way to the Supreme Court where we will prevail. We urge the Obama administration to swiftly appeal this decision to the Supreme Court.”

Nearly one year ago on Nov. 20, 2014, millions of immigrant families celebrated when President Obama unveiled his plan for new deferred action program for parents of U.S. born children and gave crucial updates to the existing DACA program for DREAMers as well as a series of other administrative and enforcement reforms to update the country’s outdated immigration system.

“President Obama’s administrative relief programs would transform the lives of millions of people who came to this country in search of a better life,” Miller said. “That announcement was more than a decade in the making and we are confident we will ultimately prevail in the courts.”

“Women won the right to vote, the labor movement built the middle class, people standing up for civil rights ended Jim Crow, same sex marriage has been sanctioned by the Supreme Court,” Miller said. “We will win justice for all of the undocumented immigrants waiting to become full-fledged citizens.”

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