Supreme Court will Rule on President Obama’s Immigration Action in 2016

Today, the Supreme Court announced that they will hear the challenge to President Obama’s immigration executive actions DAPA and expanded DACA before the 2016 presidential election. This is good news for the thousands of immigrant families who’ve been waiting to hear if the case progressed to the Supreme Court, where the ultimate decision will be… Read more »

Timeline on Administrative Relief Case

The lawsuit against administrative relief has been a long and complicated process. To help clarify when decisions may be made, the National Immigration Law Center has provided a visual outline of the possible next steps and when they may occur. To view the visual timeline, visit

5th Circuit of Appeals blocks administrative relief, next step is Supreme Court

Causa Oregon denounced a federal court’s decision on November 9 denying the implementation of President Obama’s executive actions to grant administrative relief to millions. “While we are disappointed in the court’s ruling, we are not surprised by it since the lawsuit and this process has been heavily anti-immigrant from the outset,” said Andrea Miller, Executive Director… Read more »