Obama immigration program, blocked by Texas judge, wins 14 states’ support

California, New York and 12 other states have joined forces to defend President Obama’s immigration reform plans and to request that the Texas injunction is thrown out: “14 mostly Democratic-led states – some with the highest populations of immigrants eligible for Obama’s program – are presenting an alternative argument: They say allowing immigrants some protections… Read more »

Federal judge in Texas blocks Obama immigration orders

A federal judge in Texas has ruled to temporarily delay President Obama’s Executive Action on immigration, which will provide a legal pathways forward for many undocumented residents in the United States: “Judge Hanen’s ruling is not permanent and we are confident that it will be repealed in a higher court,” Cristina Jimenez, managing director of… Read more »

President Obama to Provide Relief to Millions of Families

Causa Oregon responds to President Obama’s speech on administrative relief for immigrant families: “Under our broken immigration system, there is no line to get into, and no way to remedy this situation. Fortunately, the President’s action will give families a line to get into, a process to sign up for, and a way to come… Read more »