Statement regarding I-9 audit and rumors of raids in NW Oregon

OIR’s admins at Causa are aware of rumors that ICE is preparing to conduct raids in the Portland Metro area. As of this time, we have no verified reports that these rumors are true. We encourage our community to stand together, remain calm, and seek to verify rumors before they are spread. When seeking legal advice, we remind our community to avoid notarios and only seek assistance from a licensed attorney or DOJ Accredited Representative.

What we do know is that at least one Oregon employer is the subject of a Form I-9 Audit this month, and that the rumors of raids may be the result of this news. Please note that an I-9 audit is not a raid. The inspection of this employer will not necessarily result in broader enforcement actions and we have no indication either way at this time. More information on both is available at:

Regardless, we encourage our community to be informed and prepared:

Employers can contact the Small Business Legal Clinic for advice on preparing for an I-9 audit and protecting their business and employees’ rights. Call: 503-768-6941.

Workers in Oregon concerned about ICE action should contact the NW Worker’s Justice Project: 503-525-8454 or the Oregon Law Center 1-800-672-4919.

Anyone witnessing ICE activity should report it to the PIRC Hotline at 1-800-622-1510.

If you are seeking immigration legal advice please contact an immigration attorney (find one at or Recognized Agency. (find one on this list).

For Know Your Rights and Family Preparedness resources, visit:


OIR and Causa Oregon