Supreme Court Issues Tied Ruling

Just now, the Supreme Court ruled that “an equally divided court” was unable to reach a decision on DAPA and Expansion of DACA. The injunction on both programs remains in place nationwide and the case returns to the conservative federal judge in Brownsville, TX, stalling deportation relief and work permits to 5 million undocumented people nationally, and an estimated 63,000 in Oregon alone.

While today’s split decision sets no Supreme Court precedent, these important, commonsense policies will unfortunately remain blocked nationwide because of the overreach by a single district court judge in Texas.  The fact remains, DAPA and DACA+ are commonsense programs that are lawful, constitutional, and consistent with decades of actions taken by presidents of both parties..

Today’s deadlock is a setback for immigrant families, but this battle is not over. Legal experts will explore all legal options available. Unfortunately this will not be a quick process and many families will needlessly suffer in the interim.  We will not stop until every member of our community can live in dignity, without fear of being separated from their families.

While today’s erroneous outcome is deeply disappointing,  it does not impact DACA 2012, which was not at issue in this case. Individuals eligible for the original DACA program may still apply.